31 Mar 2022

Recovery Sobriety Symbols & Tattoos

Furthermore, this particular symbol may be especially intriguing for those in early recovery, as they continue to choose to walk the path to sobriety one step at a time. Of course, other birds are also popular options for symbolizing addiction recovery. This is because, like the butterfly, the majestic image of a bird taking flight captures the essence of serenity, peace, and freedom we seek during recovery. There are also ways in which a recovery symbol can be used as more than just a means of encouraging those struggling with addiction. Many individuals who are healing from mental health conditions, for example, also have a positive relationship with this form of reinforcement. This is particularly true when getting fairly large pieces or a tattoo in an area visible to others. Thus, finding a well-reviewed and highly qualified artist is an essential part of your process to getting a sobriety tattoo.

  • The recovery symbol is an important reminder that many others are also going through this experience and will be there for them during their journey of recovery.
  • They will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan that meets your specific needs.
  • Inking that important moment is like a trophy, and it constantly reminds them how beautiful their life has become after that.
  • I’ve been thinking for a long time about getting a vine of morning glories on my back to represent appreciating the beautiful things I have while I have them.

Also a pheonix somewhere on my body to represent re-birth, being reborn through sobriety. I’m thinking of getting “serenity, courage, wisdom” or “every step counts” on my feet.

Consider the following advice from Broadway Treatment Center in California before you go walking into your local tattoo parlour

Those who bear this sobriety tattoos, wear it with pride because it points to the victory in that persons life. Most who bear the the mark of the 2% have survived a battle that many will not. The 2% is representative of the mere 2% of people who are statistically shown to have success in drug and alcohol treatment. The equilateral triangle with or without a circle around is from Alcoholics Anonymous . Check out these sobriety tattoos ideas below submitted by our readers and the sobriety community. However, those in recovery still often choose it as a personal support symbol. Sobriety tattoos are a symbol of your commitment to staying sober.

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Sobriety Recovery tattoos are a way of celebrating your sobriety with art. Each tattoo comes with a sober pledge, an inspirational quote and other meaningful information. Other forms of slang and insider terms can also be taken to mean AA involvement, such as using the expression “One Day at a Time” or referring to yourself as a friend of Bill W’s. These sort of insider phrases show familiarity with the steps and, although not symbols in themselves, are symbolic of a commitment to recovery and freedom from addictions. Birds are, in many cultures, often seen as symbols of freedom, change, and movement; all of which are relevant themes for those overcoming addiction. One of the more popular choices for these communities is the phoenix. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and are looking for ways to start your recovery process, know that you are not alone, and help IS available.

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Another tattoo you might find on recovering alcoholics is the triangle. This is a symbol of an equilateral triangle, and it may also feature a circle around the triangle. The triangle represents the legacies of AA, which include unity, recovery, and service. The circle is meant to represent AA itself or the community that is available to support you through your journey.


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