Software development

02 Tem 2022

Risk Categories Definition Overview of Top 15 Risk Categories

Content Environmental risk Risk management in software development Risk Categories Definition Tools Qualitative vs. Quantitative Risk Analysis Step #2: Identify Uncertainty And in recent years, with trade wars and questionable interest rates, it seems as though risk may be more of a prevalent topic when it comes to placing your money in an investment vehicle – or even starting a business. Whether it be the...

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30 Eki 2019

Grand Central Dispatch GCD Tutorial in Swift 5

Contents Deep Dive Into Recursion in Swift Asynchronous execution Developer Footer Concurrent tasks with DispatchGroups Working with DispatchWorkItem() Since they are both waiting for each other, hence the deadlock occurs. Concurrent queues allow multiple tasks to run at the same time. The queue guarantees tasks start in the order we add them. 2) ThreadB – Global thread which gets created when you submit some task....

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